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Quimesis' ToF interface demo

Quimesis' ToF 1) interface board runs a Linux-based OS, interfacing with Bluetechnix' TIM/LIM.

A demonstration application is provided to illustrate how to manage the boards IO's in order to retrieve point clouds captured by the 3D camera. It can be build using the ToF interface SDK.

ToF interface SDK

Quimesis' ToF SDK provides the required libraries used in the demonstration application. It can be built as follow:

$ tar -xvzf sdk-quimesis-tof.tar.gz
$ cd sdk-quimesis-tof
$ make quimesis_tof_a20_sdk_defconfig
$ make

This will build all the libraries of the SDK under the output/host directory.

ToF interface demo application

Quimesis' ToF interface demo application aims at giving an example of how the interface board can be used to retrieve a point cloud from the Bluetechnix's ToF modules.

To build the demonstration application, the ToF interface SDK should be used as follow:

$ tar -xvzf demo-tof-interface.tar.GZ
$ cd demo-tof-interface
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=<path/to/sdk-quimesis-tof/output/host/usr/share/buildroot/toolchainfile.cmake> ..
$ make

This will produce a demo_tof binary that you can copy to and execute on the ToF interface board.

Demo application outlines

The camera can be enabled/disable via the board GPIOs:


Bluetechnix 'Time of Flight' API is used to communicate with the 3D camera.

The BTA frames are converted into PCL point clouds (x, y, z), before being published as ZeroMQ messages.

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