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General rules

  • All code and documentation is written in English.
  • Maximum line length should be 100 characters


An Eclipse configuration file is available in the Quimesis Drive ( 06 Documentation > Doc info > quimesis_coding_rules_for_eclipse.xml); refer to the Development environment document in the same directory for how to use it.


  • 4 spaces
  • No tabs !


  • Variables or member functions are camel-case, starting with a lower-case letter
  • Classes and structs names start with an upper-case letter
  • #defines and values of an enum are all-capitals
  • namespaces are lower-case
  • In C, prefix the function names with a pseudo-namespace/unit name. e.g.: MyUnit_init();

File names

  • Use .c extension when the unit should be compiled with a C compiler (gcc)
  • Use .cpp extension when the unit should be compiled with a C++ compiler (g++)
  • In C++, use one .hpp/.cpp per class, with the files having the name of the class
#ifndef MY_CLASS_HPP__
#define MY_CLASS_HPP__
class MyClass 
    void do();
#include "MyClass.hpp"
void MyClass::do()
    // do something
  • For all other cases, use lowercase-with-underscore filenames.

C headers

Protect your C headers for C++ inclusions:

#ifndef MY_HEADER_H__
#define MY_HEADER_H__
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
void unit_myFunction(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus


  • Curly braces go on their own line
if ( a == b ) 
    // do something
  • Use curly braces even for one-line blocks
  • Use parentheses even when precedence of operators applies




Do not overuse abbreviations and acronyms to keep the code clear. However for common and well known names, use below table.

Abbreviation Meaning
cbf Callback Function
ptr Pointer

Recommended external libraries

Here is a list of well known libraries that provide various kinds of functionalities. Whenever you need one of them, prefer to use the below library so that we keep a uniform code-base.


ZeroMQ, and its multiple bindings like py-zmq, is a transport layer for inter-process, inter-tasks, inter-node communications. It supports various paradigms of communications ( requests-response, push-pull, publish-subscribe, etc) and handles most of the network complexity (like reconnections, data integrity, etc).


Whenever possible use python3 instead of python2.

When writing Python code, make sure it is python3 compatible.

Google Test

Google Test is a test framework for C/C++. It is the recommended way to write Unit Tests for C++ code.


When developing graphical applications, prefer Qt or one of its bindings (like PyQt).

Herqq UPnP

A standard-compliant UPnP library to build devices and control points.

Mosquitto (MQTT)

Ubuntu package to install: libmosquitto-dev


Ubuntu package to install: libjsoncpp-dev

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