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 +====== connman'​s howto'​s ======
 +===== Howto connect to a WPA-EAP network =====
 +Create a config file (''<​any_name>​.config''​) in ''/​var/​lib/​connman'',​ with the followinf content:
 +Type = wifi
 +Name = <​SSID>​
 +EAP = peap
 +Phase2 = MSCHAPV2
 +Identity = <​user_name>​
 +Passphrase = <​user_password>​
 +  * ''<​any_name>''​ is a unique identifier among the services in the config file,
 +  * ''<​SSID>''​ is the SSID of the network you want to connect to,
 +  * ''<​user_name>''​ and ''<​user_password>''​ are the credentials for the user to access the network.
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